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Alexander Teplyashin
Professor Teplyashin «This company has such strong references in USA and Europe, that was a reason why we became it’s clients»
Claus and Briggit Bohmann Association of private clinics in Germany.

First of all, I performed all the investigations and developed youth technologies for my relatives and myself. Because if a man wants to drift opposite this uneasy life currents he must be full of energy, health and strength! But my hobby turned out to have completely different significance. No one would argue the fact that people die because of diseases, not senility, and often in young reproductive age. We’ll win the time, if not the disease, but risk factors that leads to these awful diseases will be revealed. A patient with “cancer” as a diagnosis feels really depressed. Using preventive methods and eliminating risk factors, we definitely prolong the human life, making it active and productive. We reject all terrible diseases. These are the technologies of youth that are absolutely effective. It is precisely the very technologies our friends and we tried, and about 6000 of our patients as well. So now, we offer this powerful weapon against aging and diseases to you!

The safety of methods I personally guarantee You, Sincerely yours, prof. Alexander Teplyashin.
About Alexander Teplyashin Biography
  • Among the world’s five best plastic surgeons. BBC medical expert. Entered into the Big Russian encyclopedia (V. 50), American encyclopedia WHO IS WHO.

  • Awarded “Europe Arch” in Paris for plastic surgery quality and innovations. Performed more than 9000 first-rate plastic surgeries.

  • According to German tabloid WHY NOT, is an outstanding specialist in plastic surgery and rejuvenation.

  • The first in Europe who developed and performed the technology of face, neck, breast cascade endoscopic lifting with the use of biomatrix that guarantees the lifelong young face oval effect – is performed without any incision. And classical neck-cheek lifting with absorbable sutures hidden in auricle area for adult women and men.

  • His technologies of breast bioimplantation and lifting are world-wide known. Biological implants which guarantee total absence of fibrosis are recommended, that allows to achieve natural look of the breast and inimitable aesthetic result, in contrast to silicone ones. For 15 years ARION BLUEMARINE biological implants in Russia is an absolute privilege of BEAUTY PLAZA and its clients!

  • He developed the technology of total aesthetic correction after unsuccessful plastic surgeries of face and body.

  • Is invited consultant of leading European clinics.

  • The author of “Plastic surgery” part in monograph “Surgery propaedeutics” for students of medical departments. The invited editor of Plastic Surgery International published in Germany.

  • A founder and unchallenged leader of BEAUTY PLAZA INTERNATIONAL и STEM CELL HIGHER TECHNOLOGIES Inc. New York.

  • Founded “Youth center of cells technologies” develops unique anti-age methods, that helps to hinder process of aging and provides life-long effect of aesthetic and biological youth.

  • Founded “National bank of stem cells”, where the biological resource of more than 4500 BEAUTY PLAZA clients is stored.

  • European Patent Office (EPO) issued to “Youth center of cells technologies” BEAUTY PLAZA the patent for the method of autologous mesenchymal stem cell isolation from adipose tissue. The patent is valid through Europe, UK and Switzerland!

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued patent No. 7,915,039 to Alexander Teplyashin for the method of mesenchymal stem cell isolation from adipose tissue.

  • The author of more than 70 scientific papers and monographs and has four Russian and two worldwide patents.

  • Developed technologies of biological youth and reproductive age prolongation in women and men.

  • The attention of leading TV companies is fixed on the achievements of BEAUTY PLAZA – CNN, BBC, Canada, Austrlia, Finnland, Norway South Korea and Arabic countries television.

  • Chef-correspondent of CNN, CBS News, Times. Sangey Gupta, Hilary Clinton medical consultant, dedicated to prof. Teplyashin a certain part of the book CHASING LIFE.

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Список научных работ
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Our laboratory

Development center cell research aimed at establishing and standardizing the collection of stem cells, multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (ITC) and fibroblasts were the basis for the National Bank of stem cells and fibroblasts.

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